We are Ukrainian IT Family

A little more about us
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About us

In numbers.

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Soul and dedication
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10 years
Writing excellent code
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Team members
Our history

How we became ourselves.

Aug 2013
Hired 6 developers and rented a cool office.
😢 Apr 2014
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War started in Donetsk and we were forced to move to the West of Ukraine.
Feb 2016
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Rented office in Ivano-Frankivsk and got our first international client.
Dec 2021
We have branches in 7 cities of Ukraine.
Mar 2022
We run a programming academy for Laravel, Vue, React directions.
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Oct 2013
Launched a programming school.
Feb 2012
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Got money for our first project.
Dec 2014
Hired the first remote developer before it became a COVID-mainstream.
Mar 2018
Moved to new technologies, create Laravel, Vue.js and React departments.
😢 Feb 24, 2022
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Full-scale war started in Ukraine, we reform our business during it.
Our values

Principles we follow.

Maximum value
To bring maximum value to the client. Understand the project (niche) and help to make the client what will bring the maximum result.
Treat the case with understanding and openness. Try to understand the essence of the project and not just perform the written task. Try to convey your opinion to the client.
Friendly relations
Build close, friendly relationships with customers. Do not do things that can have a bad impact on the relationship.
Constantly develop the company and everything related to it.
Be honest with yourself.
Respect all participants of the process.